Thinking of Getting Pierced? Stainless Steel Is the Best Choice!

Body piercings are a fashion favorite these days. However, most people are not very particular when it comes to the material of the jewelry. Stainless steel is the winner when it comes to any type of body jewelry.

Whether you wish to get an ear-piercing, navel piercing, nose piercing or a dermal piercing, body jewelry can indeed highlight your best features. There are many types of jewelry available these days, which can make it difficult for a person to decide which material is best-suited to them. If you want jewelry that will not cause rashes, discomfort or skin irritation then stainless steel is the best choice for you. Most people think of surgical instruments when they look at stainless steel. However, this high-grade industrial type material could be an excellent choice when it comes to body jewelry. You may not believe it but pure steel can look exquisite even in the most delicate looking jewelry.

The color of stainless is a nice muted silver shade, which makes it an excellent choice for understate yet classy looking jewelry. This is one of the reasons why this material is gaining so much popularity in jewelry. Many jewelry manufacturers have started using stainless steel for making riveted jewelry and delicate bracelets. In fact, the color of stainless steel has gained so much popularity that it is quite the staple in urban-themed jewelry and fashion.

The advantage of stainless steel is that while it has a high degree of strength it is also easily bendable. While it may require more effort to bend it into whatever shape desired, the fact is that once made into the finished shape, it will retain the same shape more than other materials used in jewelry. In addition, stainless steel has at least 10% chromium and as we all know chromium mixes with oxygen to form an invisible chromium-oxide layer. It is this protective sheath or layer, which gives the material its name “stainless”. It means that untainted steel is extremely resistant to any kind of corrosion. This makes it an excellent choice for all types of jewelry. Let’s face it – who wouldn’t want their jewelry to retain its sheen and last for ages?

Unlike softer base type metals often used in jewelry, or carbon steel, pure steel is highly resistant to wear and tear. It is also resistant to oxidation, rust and discoloration. Because of the fact that it is not plated, it does not chip or fade over a period of time. If you stay in an environment that is very humid, stainless steel is an excellent choice because it will not corrode or fade over time!

Hottest Tips to Buy Barbell Body Piercings

Are you looking for fun, unique ways to decorate your body? Sparkling, stylish barbell piercings might just be your ultimate means of self-expression. Read on to know more.

History of Barbell

Ever wondered how barbell piercings got their name? These type of piercings resemble weightlifting barbells, hence the name but the shape also has a lot to do with ergonomics. Barbells consist of a straight bar with small beads at either end. Often, one of the beads is fixed and the other is removable to accommodate removal for changes.

It may come as a surprise but these piercings have been popular among tribal communities in Borneo for hundreds of years now. Contemporary resurrection occurred in the 1970’s when the legendary American designer Jim Ward made them all the rage in the USA. And there’s been no turning back since then.

Size of Barbell Piercings

The size of the barbell is measured in terms of gauge with smaller posts having higher gauges and vice versa. Initial piercings are usually done with a 14 gauge barbell. Once the piercing heals, wearers have the option to replace a long barbell with a smaller one or opt for a stretched version to accommodate jewelry.


There are a variety of shapes to choose from including the basic straight barbell, curved barbells, circular barbells, spiral barbells and J curved or banana barbells. Certain shapes are more suitable for particular body areas than others. For example, the straight barbell is usually seen in ear and tongue piercings, the circular barbell is seen in nasal septum piercing and the J curved barbell is the most popular choice for navel piercings.

Materials Used

Barbell jewelry is found in many types of metal and non-metal options. Starter piercings require surgical grade metals such as 316 L stainless steel for proper healing. Titanium is the preferred option for users with allergy or sensitive skin issues. Many people choose plastic for tongue piercings in order to avoid causing damage to teeth while eating. BioFlex and acrylic are among the safest, most hygienic non-metallic options.


Barbells are usually available with amazing varieties of aesthetic embellishments to suit all kinds of tastes. From erotic tongue rings to dangling belly rings, they are the best way to make your own style statement. Colorful gems, picture inlays, clay flowers, logos can all be incorporated as embellishments. The beads at the end of the barbell are also available in a lot of designs such as triangles, cylinders and discs.

After First Piercing

Many people worry about rejection and infection of barbell piercings. The truth is that there will be some discoloration, soreness, bruising and swelling following a new piercing. Wearers should carefully follow instructions and allow the wound to heal completely. Healing might be said to have occurred when the swelling, bruising and irritation reduces and the barbell slips in easily without discomfort.

Tongue Rings and Some of Their Best Advantages

Fashion of tongue piercing and wearing some kind of adornment in the pierce part could be sourced back to the Aztec and Mayan cultures; however, their purpose behind getting their taste gland pierced was mainly to please their respective Gods. At the turn of the twentieth century, it was adopted as a fashion trend by the west, and they started adorning their pierced tongue with a specifically designed piece of jewelry, namely tongue rings or barbells. There are accessible broad varieties of tongue rings in the market, which the fashionistas pick as per their unique preferences. They state diverse motives and advantages of piercing and wearing oral jewelry. Some of the best benefits of going with this trend are –

Increased appeal – Sporting this fashion brings an added appeal to your persona. Most people claim that with a pierced tongue they look more attractive than those without it. The look of a simple piercing could be transformed radically by using a stylish tongue ring. With so many options available, the fashion buffs can get a new makeover every occasion they pay a visit to.

Look different – One of the best parts of wearing these body jewelries is you start looking completely different from how you looked earlier. And you know, being different is being more attractive. So, if you have been willing to catch attention of your crush or the group of dudes, you always wanted to hang out with, tongue rings could be your ideal choice. After this, you will notice that people have started taking an interest in you, because of your different looks. With a shiny ring, you will be reflecting your very new shiny image.

Less painful than other piercing practices – Some people do not go for piercing declaring it to be very painful. However, people with a pierced tongue assert that it is not as painful as they had thought it would be. With employment of anesthetic drugs and injections, whichever amount of pain resides there could be eliminated.

Improved sex drive and pleasure – Another top reason why the youth of today is more interested going with tongue piercing is plenty of oral pleasures in the bedroom. Most of them emphasize that they get an increased stimulation during their impassioned act.

Come whatever may be the advantages, there are certain points that the people with pierced tongues should take care of. You should wear the ring when the wound has been healed completely. Moreover, after taking this, you need to be extra careful while eating, especially when the piercing is fresh. Further, the size of the barbells should be chosen considering the size of your tongue and piercing. Furthermore, you should never compromise on the material quality over design.